Who are we?

Origins and philosophy Pulpak



Collaborate in the care of our planet by promoting, selling and distributing 100% biodegradable innovative products of excellent quality and adequating to the needs of our customers, with a high sense of responsibility, adaptability and quality.


Being a great leader in Argentina of a committed and concerned company with the care of the environment by distributing biodegradable products with high efficiency and quality. To be recognized and chosen by the end user and manufacturer, providing substantial contributions to reduce pollution.


Following the saturation of landfills and irresponsible handling of disposal in the industrial island of Tierra del Fuego, Ecopulpo arises. A company dedicated on providing a comprehensive solution to the problem of industrial waste.

The achievement is to engage businesses to opt for sustainable solutions, from the disposal to the inputs, so that their total value chain leaves minimum footprints in the immediate environment.

Within our commitment to the environment we offer environmentally friendly packaging products. This solution enables the end user to dispose of the packaging without causing environmental damage, as it’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable.