Frequently Asked Questions

Look no further than PULPAK's molded pulp packaging. Our products have passed rigorous testing in laboratories and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including electronics, home appliances, medical products, food, and more.
We offer deep cavity and complex geometries.
We treat every client with their individual project, but our products are best suited for medium to high volume applications.
We utilize 100% recycled cardboard (long fiber) using just water, without additives or colorants.
The cardboard is received and introduced in the pulper (it is like a giant blender) and water is added. A liquid paste is formed. Then, by means of a forming machine and a mold, the piece is formed, it is pressed to remove and recover the water and, through a drying oven, the excess humidity is removed. At the end, the pieces are checked to ensure that they are within their designed dimensions and are stored in a box.
Our pulp products have passed rigorous testing in laboratories and have met the requirements set by each company. Molded pulp provides effective protection against the effects of vibration and drop test.
From a protection standpoint, molded pulp's inherent elasticity allows it to outperform most plastic designs, as well as expanded polystyrene (EPS), especially when vibration is present.
Costs associated with the price of an item include transportation, storage, labor and design. PULPAK offers stackable products that can reduce storage and transportation costs. Since our molded pulp is made from 100% recycled paperboard, our raw material cost has been very stable compared to plastic materials that rely directly on petroleum.
PULPAK products are the packaging solution for product protection as an alternative to single-use plastic. PULPAK is innovative, customizable, versatile, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The material is lightweight, nestable and also provides the necessary protection for products as they move to their final destination. PULPAK operates under the Circular Economy concept.
Through our website or contact mail you can develop a quotation based on a concept and preliminary design, with a 2D plan or 3D file of the product to be protected, estimates of monthly / annual quantity and delivery location.
Yes, we deliver anywhere in the country.